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Firstly, we will schedule a free consultation video call so we can discuss the areas you would like help with. If you would prefer not to have a video call, I will ask you to kindly send some photos.

The call is a chance to get to know each other and talk through what will happen on the day.

Once I get a better idea of the room/s you would like me to organise, I will advise how many hours/sessions I think we will need and get them booked in.  

We will discuss what I think will be achievable in the session and if/how you would like to be involved. I would always encourage you to be available if possible as I find we work quicker that way.


Working together, we will efficiently go through your belongings, deciding what items to throw away (I will try to keep this to a minimum) and what items to keep, donate, sell or recycle.

We will work at your pace; however, I will keep you focused on the task in hand so that we get through as much as possible. We will take a break whenever it is needed.  

We will not get rid of anything unless you are 100% sure you want to part with it.  

Once we have gone through your belongings, I will organise any items you decide to keep. I will give everything a home, so you can easily find it at a moment’s notice.

I will make sure the space is left tidy and take away any items for charity at the end of the session (one carload). I will leave you to manage recycling, waste and any items to be sold.

It may be that one session is enough or further sessions might be needed for larger tasks.

I am friendly, approachable and understand how emotional the decluttering process can be. I am non-judgemental and 100% trustworthy, everything we discuss and anything I come across will remain entirely confidential. 

My hourly rate is £45 for a minimum of 4 hours plus parking, congestion charge and tolls. Travel within 15 miles from SG11 is included, any additional mileage will be charged at 45p per mile. Payment terms are as follows: 50% deposit on booking, balance to be paid on the day.

It is impossible to say how much we will get through in a session as the decluttering process can be very different from room to room and from person to person however I will work as quickly as possible. 


My aim is to leave you feeling excited by the space and order we create as well as energised and motivated to continue your journey to living with less.

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