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  • 1)     What is a Professional Organiser?
    Professional Organisers work with clients to declutter and organise their homes as well as implementing systems to help clients keep their homes organised, clutter-free and stress-free. Professional Organisers do more than just cleaning up; they show people that organisation is a way of life and that keeping your home clutter-free doesn’t have to be tedious. Once you get started, you will wish you started earlier!
  • 2)     Do I need help from a Professional Organiser?
    Are you about to move home and feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do? Are you a busy parent struggling with the juggle? Do you lack the motivation to get your unorganised home back on track? If so, a Professional Organiser can definitely help!
  • 3)      Why should I hire Organise Me Happy?
    Firstly, I am a friendly, approachable person who loves to help others organise their homes so they can live their best lives. I will look at your home with a fresh pair of eyes to provide ideas and suggestions for how to organise it as well as what storage solutions to use. I will guide you through the decluttering process, ensuring you stay focused on the task in hand. The decluttering process can be an emotional one so I will be there to lend a hand and help you make sometimes difficult decisions. Do I need it? Do I love it? Will I ever use it? Can I regift it? Whilst it might seem like a luxury, hiring a professional organiser can save you money in the long run - never again will you need to buy something you've already got but just cannot find! By giving everything a home, you will locate things immediately saving you much needed time. You will also save space as you will only store items you use or love. After working with Organise Me Happy, you will be left feeling energised and motivated to tackle other areas of the home.
  • 4)      How long is a typical session?
    The decluttering process can be very different from room to room, from person to person. It is impossible to say how much we will get through in a session. I will work as quickly as possible and only work at a pace you are comfortable with. We will take a break whenever it is needed. Everyone is different and the decluttering process can be a lengthy, emotional one especially if we are sorting through sentimental items. Rooms such as kitchens are normally a quicker process. It may be that one session is enough or further sessions might be needed for larger tasks. We will aim to schedule sufficient time based on the room/s you would like help with and what you would utilimately like to achieve. Sessions are a minimum of 4 hours.
  • 5)      Do I need to be there?
    I can work alone or alongside you. Generally, I find we work quicker if you are there however I do understand you are busy so even if you are not around, nothing would be thrown away without your say so.
  • 6)     What do I need to do before the session?
    You wouldn’t clean before the cleaner arrived, so please do not organise before I arrive! Before the session, try to have a think about what areas you want to focus on, what your main challenges are and what you want to achieve. During the free consultation call, we will discuss how much storage you already have and if you need to buy any more. It is often wise to declutter first and then buy storage, if needed.
  • 7)      Will you make me throw everything away?
    Absolutely not. I will never force you to part with anything unless you are 100% sure you want to do so. I understand this can be an emotional process, especially when we are sorting through sentimental items. I will support you throughout the process and help you make some difficult decisions. However, I am there to help you learn to live with less, so I will encourage you to part with some items.
  • 8)      What will happen to my belongings that I do not want anymore?
    We will categorise items as follows: bin, keep, donate, sell and recycle. I always aim to minimise the items to be thrown away. I will make one trip to the charity shop at the end of the session. I will leave you to manage recycling, waste and any items to be sold.
  • 9)      Will you take photos?
    If you are happy for me to do so, I may take photos for marketing use only. ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos are a great way to show the huge improvements we have made. All photos will be anonymous, and I will always show them to you for your approval before they are published.
  • 10)      Are you insured?
    Yes, Organise Me Happy is covered by Public Liability Insurance & Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • 11)      Do you have data protection in place?
    Yes, Organise Me Happy is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO Data Protection). I treat my clients’ personal details confidentially. Any information that I may come across for example when filing (I only ever scan documents to be able to categorise them and never read documents in detail) also remains confidential.
  • 12)      How much do you charge?
    My hourly rate is £45 for a minimum of 4 hours plus parking, congestion charge and tolls. Travel within 15 miles from SG11 is included, any additional mileage will be charged at 45p per mile. It is impossible to say how much we will get through in a session however I will work as quickly as possible. It may be that one session is enough or further sessions might be needed for larger tasks. I will do one trip to the charity shop. I will leave you to manage recycling, waste and any items to be sold. Payment terms are as follows: 50% deposit on booking, balance to be paid on the day.
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