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Hello. My name is Natalie, I am the founder of Organise Me Happy.


As a busy working mum, I know how quickly your home can become cluttered and feel out of control.


I fully understand how overwhelming life can be, juggling work, life admin, nursery, school, exercise, social commitments and so on. There never seems to be enough hours in the day and so decluttering and organising often get neglected. 


Organise Me Happy combines my natural ability for running an organised home as well as the many skills I have gained from a career in event management. 

As a Professional Organiser, I will help you experience the many benefits of being organised. Having an organised home can save you time, save you money and reduce your stress levels, to name a few.


For me, it's not about having the perfect space nor is it about minimalism. It's about only keeping what you use and/or love, knowing what you've got and where it is. Everything should have a home, meaning it can be easily stored away and more importantly, found at a moment’s notice.


No more buying things you’ve already got but just can’t find, no more cancelling holidays because your passport has expired, no more running late because you’ve spent far too long searching for something.


A tidy home will give you both cupboard space and headspace, allowing you to live your best life. 

For me, a tidy home is most certainly a happier one.

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